Dental Restorations

At Chapman Family Dentistry, we offer dental restorations so that patients throughout Ocean Springs can stay in excellent oral health. Dr. Chapman is an expert at completing restorations in a way that restores the functionality of a tooth while also looking completely natural. This is important for ensuring that once the dental work is complete, no one can tell your tooth was ever damaged. If your tooth is cracked, chipped or damaged in any way, call 228-875-3258 to schedule your appointment.

Why Dental Restorations Are Necessary
Patients throughout Mississippi frequently need to repair teeth due to accidents. An accident can happen at any time. Whether it is a car wreck, sports injury, playing with the kids, or falling at work – teeth are often the victim of daily accidents and when they are, it is important to fix the tooth right away. Otherwise, the area can become infected along with being uncomfortable.

Restorations are also needed after a tooth becomes infected. When a patient gets a cavity, or a root canal is necessary, Dr. Chapman can restore it so that the tooth can continue to function without needing to be removed. This is far better for your overall oral health since keeping your natural teeth is the best option in the long run.

Types of Dental Restorations


Dental Crowns

 When a tooth is missing a large portion of its enamel, a dental crown is the best type of restoration because it is a cap that completely surrounds the tooth. This way you can bite down with full force and not worry about being uncomfortable or damaging the tooth further.


Tooth-Colored Fillings

At Chapman Family Dentistry, we use tooth-colored fillings as a way to restore teeth that have had cavities. Once the decayed area of the tooth has been removed a filling is necessary to replace the missing enamel. Instead of silver, this can be done to match tooth color.



Those that need minor dental restorations can often benefit from a simple bonding procedure. This is popular in the surrounding Gulf Coast area when restoring baby teeth. Children, for example, don’t need a dental veneer on a tooth that is going to fall out in short order.


Expertise Matters

Dr. Chapman is a true expert at completing dental restorations and can do so in a way that is comfortable and natural looking. It is important to work with an expert since it ensures that your restoration will blend in with your natural teeth. Additionally, working with an expert makes it possible to feel comfortable after a restoration. The restoration must be designed perfectly so that it fits with your existing bite and the surrounding teeth.

If you live in Ocean Springs, Mississippi call 228-875-3258 and schedule your appointment to experience why patients trust Chapman Family Dentistry with all of their restoration needs.