What Ocean Springs Life is Like with Braces

BracesAt our OCean Springs practice, we use braces to give our patients a beautiful and straight smile.  Orthodontics can change your life by making you proud of your smile. Whether it’s closing a gap, straightening teeth, or correcting a misaligned bite, we can help.

In order to determine if you are the right candidate for orthodontics, and to learn how they can help you, schedule a consultation.  During your initial exam, we will evaluate your teeth and jaw then discuss what your goals are prior to making a recommendation.  We believe in educating and empowering patients so that they can take an active role in their treatment. Once it is determined that braces will accomplish your goals, it is time to get started!

On the day that your braces are installed you will be sitting in the dental chair for a while.  A metal bracket needs to be placed on each of your teeth than a wire will be threaded through the center of each bracket, connecting them together.  Once the wire is in place, a rubber band will be attached to each bracket in order to hold the wire in place.  The rubber bands come in multiple colors so you can stand out with hot pink or use a clear rubber band to become more inconspicuous.  Your teeth will feel sore for a few days so you should keep pain medication on hand and stock up on soft cool foods.  Things like ice cream and popsicles will feel great for the first couple of days.

Once the soreness has gone away, you can go back to eating as before, with a few exceptions.  You will want to avoid eating things that are too hard or crunchy like nuts because they can damage your braces. You should also avoid foods that are sticky and high in sugar.  Keep in mind that any food or drinks that can stain your teeth will have an even easier time doing so when you are wearing braces because it is more difficult to brush now.  Another thing that will take some getting used to is eating with a metal spoon or fork.  Initially, it will seem strange to have anything metallic in your mouth but this will fade over time.

It is important to protect your braces and to care for them properly.  Instead of only brushing in the morning and evening, carry a soft toothbrush with you and brush after every meal.  This will start to feel natural because food can easily get stuck in between your braces, and brushing is the easiest way to remove it.  There are also special brushes that are small with a point to brush around your brackets, which is useful for removing plaque.  Flossing is also imperative so make sure to do this on a daily basis.

By properly caring for your teeth, you can help the orthodontics treatment to go smoothly.  You can also prevent cavities and stains by proper at home care along with regular dental exams and teeth cleanings.